LEGO Ultimate Collector Series B-Wing

It’s so cool to have a designer talk about what went into the model and the fact that they created a new basic piece just for this kit.

ht: Gary Whitta

New Shirt: Luke

Jedi Bear

It’s Caleb’s, but he wanted me to borrow it for a bit while he eats lunch as he’s taking it to show and tell at school today.

Death Star II As an Agile Project

Great and Small:

So, Vader takes an Agile approach.  He prioritizes the features list (“Look, we really need the big laser thing; our customers will just have to come to us at first.”), and he works in vertical slices.  At the end of the movie, it seems to have paid off.  There are still huge pieces missing and construction is nowhere near complete, but “Those weapon systems are operational!”

Funny. And somewhat true.

It’s a (Plastic and Very Square) Trap!

Joshua’s gift from us this birthday.