About Me

I’m Ryan.

I am the child of two schoolteachers and was originally raised in the south suburbs of Detroit, though I later moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky, which I consider to be my “hometown”.

I have been married to my wife Amanda for over a decade. She is originally from the Chicago area, but I don’t hold that against her and find that I actually quite like the place. We have four children: two boys and two girls, one of whom has autism. My children are amazingly intelligent human beings who alternately surprise, disappoint, delight, and frustrate me depending on what day or hour it is. They are also entirely too much like me.

We now live in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, where we have become big-time Cardinals fans, like the winter until about late February or so, and don’t begin complaining about the summer heat until around mid-August.

I’m interested in learning and experiencing so many things that I’m pretty sure I’ll never have the time in my lifespan in which to do them all. I love learning new things and seeing what skills I have or can improve.

I like people who aren’t afraid to be honest with me, enjoy sharing their experiences and their time with me and my family, like having a good time, and can handle a little friendly competition.

I love to get things done. The Internet is my office. I work at Automattic with some pretty amazing and talented people who—like me—are nearly endlessly passionate about what they do.

In short, I’m a pretty fortunate guy.