LEGO Ultimate Collector Series B-Wing

It’s so cool to have a designer talk about what went into the model and the fact that they created a new basic piece just for this kit.

ht: Gary Whitta

It’s a (Plastic and Very Square) Trap!

Joshua’s gift from us this birthday.

Lego X-Wing

The kid wastes no time.

Check Out What's Here

Yeah, this one is less for Joshua and more for me.

The best business card ever (via Joystiq)

I’ve seen these before and they are definitely the most unique business cards I’ve ever seen.

We got this business card LEGO person from LEGO Universe Creative Director Ryan Seabury yesterday, and every single person we have showed it to since agrees that it is indeed the best form of sharing contact information ever seen. Seabury’s name and likeness are on the front, and his phone number and email are on the back of the little guy.

via Seen@E3: The best business card ever | Joystiq.