Just Pass This By. Seriously.


If you see a bottle of this monstrosity that is currently taking the name of Mountain Dew and and the name of Halo in vain, please don’t pick it up. Don’t do what I did and let your curiosity overtake your intuition when it informs you that a soda this bright an orange/red color cannot possibly taste good.

I’m fairly certain that “citrus cherry flavor” isn’t something that even exists in the rational world.

Amanda said she thought it tasted like “death.” I’m not sure that’s too far off the mark.

I Have a Serious Need to Play This Game.

I don’t think I could explain things any better than this video can.

An introduction to Faceball from Face Ball and Vimeo.

I’ve also added an article to my wiki for Faceball and am looking forward to hosting the eventual First Annual Markel Invitational Faceball Tournament.