Red Hot Chili Pipers

Yup; this is a thing.

Share It Maybe

This is either the most awesome thing I will see this week or the worst. I haven’t decided yet.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Soundtrack

I hope you are paying attention.

You do, if only for tracks like this:

(One of the few pieces of music from a game that has actually moved me to tears and still triggers an emotional response when I hear it.)

Another great set of work by Sam Hulick. I’ve enjoyed his work on the Mass Effect series and though I hope he gets the chance to do more there, am looking forward to what he does next.

100 Guitar Riffs; One Take

I can’t believe this was on the internet for about a month before I saw it.

Totally sweet.

Merry Tuba Christmas

Lots of tubas. The St. Louis Galleria. Christmas music.