Most People Still Want to Own Their Music

Digital Music News:

Yes, still: According to a study just concluded by eMusic, music fans overwhelmingly prefer ownership over streaming, by a drastic margin. That is, 92% prefer ownership of music over any other method, with unlimited playback and security of collections cited as top reasons.


Also encouraging for the likes of Spotify, MOG, and Rdio: modest amount in both camps (14% and 15%, respectively) indicated that they would pay for streaming access in the future.  But more than 40% expressed interest in cloud-based storage of the music they own, a nice nod to incoming giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Still think it’s a mistake for Apple to not be going after streaming music memberships? This seems to indicate that iTunes Match is the right direction, at least for now.

For myself, I still buy CDs. I get the physical media, a higher quality, and I can rip it for my digital collection—in lossless.

I also wonder what this portends for streaming services like Netflix and if the numbers are any better for movies.


If you read what I write, you are no doubt familiar with the fact that I very much like the work Harmonix does.

VidRhythm is their newest release on iOS, and it’s a fun little toy. Here’s a clip I made in the car earlier today with the kids:

And another I made just now with the two older ones:

It’s two bucks on the App Store. This app needs more Automattician-made videos.

Gary Go – “Wonderful”

Ida Maria – “Oh My God”

Maroon 5 Pack 02

Good sight-reads (includes one track that was released in the first pack but I hadn’t cleared in RB3 yet). 🙂 Chord-heavy, but generally fun to play and some decent challenge in there with the patterns.

Maroon 5 is one of those bands I enjoy listening to for reasons that aren’t quite clear even to me. I was happy to see some more tracks in the Music Store.