Why Won’t Toronto Fans Get Over Kerry Fraser’s Missed Call?

The celebration of this was yesterday, but I couldn’t not post it.

Sean McIndoe:

For those who don’t follow hockey, or who didn’t follow hockey about two decades ago, or who find themselves wondering why the one Toronto fan in the office has spent all week wearing a black armband and irrationally berating anyone who has nice hair, this Sunday marks the anniversary of one of the most notorious missed calls in hockey. It’s been 19 years since the night Kerry Fraser didn’t call Wayne Gretzky’s high-stick.

Detroit fans have plenty of hate still hanging around for the guy, too. Every time I see him as an analyst on TV I got a little reflexively grumpy.

Datsyuk + Helm = Completely Sick Goal

This is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a hockey game.

And this isn’t Datsyuk hotdogging it or showing off. The dude’s got skills. Speaking of which, searching for this led me to this other video.

What if. Exactly.

Go Wings

My big present this year from my wife.

Go Wings!

Neil Peart performs the refresh of the t…

Neil Peart performs the refresh of the theme to “Hockey Night in Canada:”

(Which isn’t even the theme to Hockey Night in Canada anymore, but whatever.)