The Halo 4 Limited Edition Reveal

The Halo Bulletin:

“If all those things come with the Limited Edition, what are they going to put in the Legendary Edition?” Here is the answer to that question: There will be two options available at retail for Halo 4 – the regular version of the game and the aforementioned Limited Edition. We decided to focus our efforts on a single special edition instead of numerous ones so you wouldn’t have to pick and choose between what ancillary items you want. Now your primary choice is whether or not you just want the game, or the game along with all the goodies. And we’re hoping we made that decision an easy one for you…

Yup. Sold.

And the list of things you get (including, it appears, all map DLC for the game in the future) is perhaps the best Limited Edition I’ve seen for a game in a while.

The Art of the Instakill

Neat-o mini-film on YouTube chaining a lot of ways to get one-shotted in video games right now:

I Shall Call Him 1847 Repentant Flare

The best part of the new Halo Waypoint thing so far is getting my very own Monitor for my Avatar.