Baking Day

Stuffing the Kids at Red Robin

Also: testing image geolocation.

Caleb – Westhaven Elementary Christmas Program

He’s in the white shirt in the front row, towards the right.

Things for Which I'm Thankful, Part Two

… my eldest son’s propensity for building things he has seen out of Lego. This is his take on Lego Rock Band:

Back Home—Home Always Feels Nice

We’re back in St. Louis after a day trip up to see Amanda’s mother and visit with her while she recovers from surgery. The good news is that it looks as though she is doing much better than even yesterday, but we still do not know when she will be able to leave the hospital.

Amanda and I thank you for your prayers and wishes for her recovery and for our safe travels. Thankfully, the children made the trip with a minimum of fussing. They really were very well-behaved in response to our asking them to bear over twelve hours in the car.

Tomorrow is a day for getting some web work completed and also for relaxation.