LEGO Timelapse

This is my son putting together his LEGO Star Wars present from his birthday, at 3000% normal speed:

0 comments on “LEGO Timelapse

  1. Hanni says:

    Such patience and care… I love towards the end when you just see his arm darting back and forth. How long did this take him? ( I like the chocolate cake break!) While I’m at it with the questions… What did you film this with?

    • Ryan Markel says:

      The full version of this video is just shy of four hours long. He did the whole thing in one sitting and was pretty determined to finish it.

      I recorded the video by rotating in and out my Flip Mino HD (holds one hour) and my Flip Ultra HD (holds two hours). When one would run out of time, I would take it to the computer to charge and dump the video. Then I sped up the clips in Premiere and stitched the whole thing together. I used the little tiny flip tripod you can get to keep the camera steady.

  2. Uncle Ken says:

    OK, that’s really cool. I love the surprise appearance of the cake!

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