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I like.

On this Safari 5 Reader Hysteria (via Nik Fletcher)

Safari Reader does hide ads, after they – along with the almost-constant barrage of ‘Share This’, ‘Tweet This’, ‘Buzz This’ bullshit – are shown alongside each post, and above all: it’s not mandatory to use, or enforced any more than the RSS button. Perhaps instead of flamebait posts of ‘Apple are out to get us’ media companies should be asking themselves ‘how did reading content online become so sucky’?

One of the reasons I like the new reblogging feature (and its counterpart at Tumblr)? It places the social content pimping away from the article in an unobtrusive place.

(via ~ On this Safari 5 Reader Hysteria.)

This is the current state of my Dock while working this evening. (Yeah, I know—your v-scroll. Ah, well.)