Memories of Things I’m Looking Forward To

It’s been a while since these kinds of things have happened.


I am an idiot.

For most of today, I have been trying to find a way to recover almost 60 GB of images that I’m pretty sure have been sacrificed to the MTBF gods. A little while ago I ran into a bit of a problem where my Aperture library was growing too large for my laptop’s primary disk, so I moved it onto an external drive temporarily while I could figure out a backup solution.

I had planned on implementing at least a partial backup solution at some point within the next couple of weeks (something about which I will write a little later in this post). I wanted to take the time to properly plan it, ensure it was redundant and as bullet-proof as I could make it, and then fully implement it and get it ready to go.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the time when that external hard disk decided it didn’t feel like working anymore.

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First Batch Out of the T2i

They’re all using the kit lens (haven’t picked up another yet), but so far I’m pretty happy with this.

Just Like Grandpa

Joshua gets to be the steely-eyed catcher tonight.

iPhone Camera Favorites


My iPhone is a relative newcomer to my stable of gadgets, and I’ve taken the opportunity to use it to capture a lot of photos basically whenever I can. It’s certainly an interesting feeling having a camera of decent quality with me at all times, and it gives me a measure of spontaneity in capturing some of the moments of my life.

The gallery I’ve embedded after the cut is a small collection of my favorites so far into my mobile life. I hope some of them are appreciated.

If you haven’t cleared the photos off your iPhone in a while, take a moment to do so and leave a link in the comments. I’d be happy to see what others have been capturing as well.

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