Baseball Is a Sport for Nerds

I do not present myself as an example here, but the point is automatically taken.

Do you like numbers? Stats? Deriving crucial information from those stats? Obsessing over percentages, choices made, and the consequences of those acts?

Baseball is the sport for you.

I present for you the Gameday default view:

Penguin in Flight

They had to restart the video system on the flight I took from St. Louis to Atlanta.

Pinball Saturday Night

After Abby’s birthday celebration, I look my son, my father, and my best friend to CP Pinball for a few hours of fun.

Added an external hard drive today…

Added an external drive today after a small file system scare that made me fear for my photo library. I’m currently going through the initial backup for Time Machine.

Also: I display my nerd cred.


Tapbots on the iPhone OS 3.0 adoption ra…

Tapbots on the iPhone OS 3.0 adoption rate:

The data seems pretty clear. Prior to June 8th we have a fairly low adoption rate of ~3%. Starting on June 9 this jumps up to 6-8%, which can be directly tracked to the developer release at WWDC. Starting on June 17th we get a huge jump as all the non devs start upgrading. We’re currently running at an overall 75% upgrade rate which is pretty insane considering the number of devices and the fact that its only been 5 days.

The article is a great read both because this level of uptake in an upgrade release is phenomenal—even with the iPod touch, which is around 50% (and you have to pay $10 for it)—and because the statistics and data in the post are, well, really nerdy.

Apple deserves credit for making the upgrade process more or less an automatic thing. You sync the device, it checks for updated software, and shouts at you to upgrade. A couple of clicks and some time later, and you’re good to go. Lots of things should be so easy and decided for you.