Baseball Is a Sport for Nerds

I do not present myself as an example here, but the point is automatically taken.

Do you like numbers? Stats? Deriving crucial information from those stats? Obsessing over percentages, choices made, and the consequences of those acts?

Baseball is the sport for you.

I present for you the Gameday default view:

4 comments on “Baseball Is a Sport for Nerds

  1. Greg says:

    It’s true. I hope you’ve seen the ESPN commercial with the “jocks talking about Tim Lincecum’s WHIP” and the geekier looking kids walking over and calling them nerds.

    In case you haven’t:

  2. hanni says:

    Woah. Looks like I need to get into baseball.

  3. nrandaz says:

    Couldn’t be more of a true title/commercial. Baseball + numbers + computer technology = perfection.

  4. Dinh says:

    Do you read The Brainy Gamer? He just wrote the same thing:

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