In Case I Forget What This Is

My children kindly labeled a few things in the front of our house yesterday, like this:


A nice weekend awaits…

This weekend promises to be a nice one. We’re currently celebrating my eldest daughter’s fifth birthday, I have some fun stuff planned to work on, and tomorrow night I’m headed back to CP Pinball with my friend Bob.

A picture of the birthday girl:


This picture brought to you…

This post is brought to you by the 3GS I picked up to replace my busted RAZR.

Me with three of my children…

Me with three of my children at the beginning of a three-day holiday weekend:

(They asked me to do this. Well, the older one did. And my eldest is enjoying his Xbox time, so he just had to miss out on this one.)

This is my Father’s Day gift from my children. I post this picture mostly to amuse them. Any enjoyment you derive from this picture is merely a serendipitous side effect.