Martini Construction, From a Recognized Expert

My colleague and friend, Zé:

For some unfathomable reason, and despite the fact that I have been pouring them down for many years, only lately have I repeatedly been asked for my Dry Martini recipe.

To make it absolutely clear, under normal circumstances I would not share it. However, the prospect of maybe achieving that one less person in this world stops drinking dubious concoctions, ill named after such a noble drink, clearly trumps the dark clouds of resignation hanging over me, as I prepare to reveal a secret that’s dear to my heart.

Post and link to this wherever you can. It deserves some attention (including yours).

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See? I Told You the Stuff Was Vile.

Says Tycho from Penny-Arcade:

I purchased twenty fluid ounces of Halo 3 “Limited Edition Mountain Dew Game Fuel” in the hopes that it would taste so horrible that we’d get a strip out of it.  Before I read the ingredients in preparation for this post, I often found myself desirous of this strange liquid – a liquid the precise color of tubercular sputum. I would trip over to Seven Eleven to obtain it, tipping a small portion onto the concrete for the Spartans we lost at Reach. Once I discovered that the soda contained a compound called “Brominated Vegetable Oil,” my ardor was diminished for some reason. The flavor of the beverage is not unpleasant, especially if you like bromide.

I see the stuff all over the place on sale, and I still can’t bring myself to try it again.