In a normal day working as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, I probably help a couple of hundred people with their sites. I enjoy doing this to a ridiculous level and I’m happy to be assisting people with learning to use WordPress and making sure their experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Quite often, I receive very nice responses, thanking me for my time and complimenting both myself and my colleagues. (Saying “thank you” to a support person can make their day, in case you didn’t know.) But last week, I received the most amazing response to a support request from Stephanie.┬áNo one has ever offered to do something so out-of-the-blue kind and appreciative in response to my help before. I asked her if I could share this publicly, and thankfully she said yes. I wanted to share it with you:

Thank you Ryan. You [have] actually taken the time to help me solve this problem. I really appreciate it. What is your favorite charitable organization? I’d like to donate some money in appreciation of the help you have given me. I know I can’t send you money, so I’ll give it to a cause that is close to your heart.

This made my week. (Seriously.)

In case you are wondering, I asked her to make the donation to Autism Speaks, for reasons that are close to me. I’ve also decided to put together a short list of the charities that I personally support, so if I’ve ever made your day, you can feel free to give a gift matching your gratitude to one of those organizations.

2 comments on “Generosity

  1. Joy Victory says:

    That’s wonderful!

  2. Awesome! That’s a wonderful story.

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