Make It Easy for People to Give You Their Money

John Gruber, reflecting on the New York Times’s subscription pricing:

The decision to purchase and the act of paying are part of the experience for any product or service, and should be designed accordingly.

Not paying is always simple.

Make purchasing something easy, simple, and understandable. Help me figure out exactly what I’m paying for and how much it’s going to cost me over a specific amount of time (or forever). If you can’t do that, I’m probably not going to give you my money unless it’s something I’ve decided I can’t live without.

Explaining RSS to People in Normal Human Words

This is about the best way I’ve seen to describe how RSS works. I post this for those of you who might not know that you can do this sort of thing with Web sites you visit; it’s actually not all that common. Now that you know, won’t you kindly click on the little orange graphic to the right and subscribe?