Nintendo Gives Up

Nathan Brown for Edge, on Nintendo’s recent statements that they won’t allow a race to the bottom for 3DS downloadables:

Nintendo’s Hideki Konno has renewed the firm’s attack on low-cost software, saying that neither hardware manufacturers nor software developers want to see 3DS games sold at smartphone prices.

“We don’t want content to be devalued,” Konno told Gamasutra ahead of 3DS’s launch this weekend. “Let’s say there’s a ton of other software out there that’s free, which forces you then to take your content which you want to sell for 10 dollars and you have to lower it down to one dollar to be competitive. It’s not a business model that’s going to make developers happy.”

I love and admire Nintendo, and they are the caretakers of a vast amount of IP and a number of franchises that I have enjoyed since my childhood.

But in my opinion, the Nintendo DS was the pinnacle of handheld development and existed in a pre-iPhone/iPod touch era. They are pricing and hardware-designing (look at the 3DS battery life!) themselves right out of competition. I’m sad that it’s going away and I unfortunately don’t believe the 3DS is going to be as successful.

New iPhone Wallpaper: Phoenix Wright

I’m a Phoenix Wright fan.

I’m actually not able to find any authorship for this image, so I’m reposting it here in case others want to grab it. If you own this, please contact me and I’ll be happy to link to you instead.

Dragon Quest VI Storms Japanese Software Chart

(via Edge Online.)

Square Enix’s Nintendo DS remake of Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Reverie sold over 900,000 units during the week ended January 31 to debut atop the Japanese software chart.


I hope this means it’s on its way here; I was able to track down a copy of DQV (which has been out of print for a while) over the last week and I’m really looking forward to it.