This Year’s 4th Hat

Every year all MLB teams (probably excepting the Jays) wear a special hat for the 4th of July.

This year’s hat was my Father’s Day present.


Brewers @ Cardinals 5/7/2011

Cardinal Nation Blogs on

Two points of which you should be made aware before you read this:

  • I work for Automattic, the parent company behind (so I work “here”), and
  • You should ask me about my love of baseball and the Cardinals sometime.

Through links to my own site, some random searching and perusal of the baseball tag here on, and looking through the tag page for Cardinal Nation (which I suggest you use if you are a blogger who is all about the Cards), I’m trying to compile a list of Cardinals-related blogs on If you think your blog should be in this list, please leave me a comment and I’ll check it out.

Perhaps this should lead into a meetup or something of the sort, as it’s always awesome when WordPress peoples get together and always awesome when Cardinals fans get together, so getting those things together can only be a winning combination.

The list: blogs that have moved elsewhere:

Comment if I missed you. 🙂

Google Sports Team Results

I love that they’ve done this when you search for a sports team now.

It’s not overly practical, but it’s nice to know they care.

Padres @ Cardinals 4/2/2011

We took the kids out to the ballpark last Saturday in a bit of spontaneous action. I didn’t get as many shots as I normally do, but a few of these do a great job of showcasing what an amazing ballpark we have here in St. Louis.