The 2011 “Where’d You Sit” Map

I haven’t done this before, but in the interest of marking where I was sitting when I took pictures at baseball games, I present you the map of seating locations where I currently have been or have purchased tickets in the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals season (will be updated as the summer goes on):

You can click the map to see a larger version.

Kids’ Opening Weekend – Section 368, Row 6, Seats 8–13
Kids’ Second Game – Section 453, Row 1
Date with My Wife – Commissioner’s Box, Row C, Seats 1–2
Game with Dad – Section 344

One comment on “The 2011 “Where’d You Sit” Map

  1. I may get to see the Marlins a time or two. But tickets, parking, refreshments at a Dolphin game exceeds a down payment on a house. They even have high priced tickets for space in the parking lot for tailgate parties for those who can’t afford to go inside.

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