Mac Twitter Client Recommendations, Attempt #2

I Tweeted about this previously, but as Twitter sucks for having actual conversations (especially when you don’t have a desktop client running), I thought I’d re-do this as a blog post and encourage you to comment.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Has to be for Mac OS.
  • Can’t use AIR.
  • Can’t use Java.
  • Can’t be ugly.

If you have or know a Twitter client that falls under these restrictions, please suggest it below. What I’ll do is find a night where I try all of them and I’ll post my reactions to them in a fuller blog post.

0 comments on “Mac Twitter Client Recommendations, Attempt #2

  1. Ryan Markel says:

    Since I hear that lots of people don’t comment if there aren’t any comments already, here’s one to get you started.

    Now you have no excuse. 🙂

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I’m still using Tweetie for Mac, even though it hasn’t been updated in ages and can’t do real RTs and some other stuff. It’s still the best designed as far as I know, and like you I won’t use an AIR or Java app. 🙂

      • Ryan Markel says:

        I still use Tweetie as well, but near as I can tell it’s been completely abandoned, so I’m looking for something new. This unfortunately means that my aesthetics and usability requirements are quite high. If Brichter updates Tweetie to cover the newest Twitter functionality, I’ll be back to it in a second.

        Tweetie is annoying me now because not only can’t it do new-style RTs (and the way it’s coded to do them is lame), it also doesn’t see new-style RTs from other people, which are often things I don’t want to miss.

  2. I use TweetDeck at the moment (which is AIR :-().

    If there was something as good but native I would switch!

    I look forward to recommendations too.

  3. Todd Peperkorn says:

    I use Tweetie as well. I’ve tried Nambu, Natsulion, and a couple others, but none of them have grabbed me.

  4. David Levine says:

    Though I’m always on the search for the perfect Twitter client for Mac (which is how I came across your post), I’m currently using Echofon. Aside from the single ad at the top of the timeline and the fact you can’t display people’s full names in the timeline, it is compact, not ugly, and packed with useful features. If you click on a reply, it will display the entire conversation, even if there are more replies above the one you clicked on. You can also sync your read tweets with Echofon for iPhone which is handy.

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