Notes for "From Hulu to Yahoo Widgets – Will the Internet Transform TV?"

Speaker: Richard Bullwinkle

  • Why is is hard for this to happen?
    • As speeds get really fast, we do things like play with our phones and such more often.
    • On the television, we have a 50″ device that is difficult to upgrade or change
    • You can move from social app to social app (or anything else) by deleting and installing a new app – TV is not as agile
  • It’s hard to drag content around the home
    • Wireless networking
    • Home networking
    • Things like DVRs being able to pause a program in one room and pick it up in another
  • Although the speeds are very much in place (most of us can stream SDTV whenever wanted), very few people can stream real-time HD video to our home because our broadband in the US sucks
  • First generation devices
    • Devices that helped you put stolen video back on your television
    • Media servers; Windows Media Extenders
    • You wanted your content back on the television
  • Second generation boxes
    • Last year
    • Devices that had content in the cloud – this changes things very dramatically
    • Vudu, AppleTV, Roku – Netflix and now Amazon content, etc.
    • Some of these devices now have no hard drives
  • All of these things have to do with content – professionally-developed content; very little is “social” in nature – the television is the most unsocial of all media devices
    • We don’t want necessarily to be interrupted in the middle of our entertainment experiences
    • Do you really want the social stuff you talk about back on the television?
    • Do I want to track this stuff on our TVs, or on our iPads, laptops, or iPhones
    • Whatever device you have is probably already better than your TV
  • This situation is compounded by the fact that the content is normally in the control of the cable/satellite companies, who are not interested in your social media because it gets in the way of content
  • Third generation
    • Services in the cloud that transmit to any device
    • You need nothing other than a fast Internet connection and an enabled TV
    • TVs don’t even handle guide data well yet
    • Connected TVs hook you up with services that you are already using and you already know – recognized names
  • Convergence on the TV is about making sense of what is already there, not adding additional crap to what you have
  • What’s next?
    • No one watches TV in real-time
    • Must See TV doesn’t exist anymore – it’s all on-demand
    • Stuff is even online-only now – and people are watching these things on their TVs
    • The ways we will find TV moving forward
      • Great metadata – write about it
        • Tell people everything you can about it so people can search
      • Create  social networks around this stuff
        • “All the people who like this movie”
    • The only way to find more entertainment and better entertainment is if we all work together to find it

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