As you read this, I have recently walked out of Concordia Publishing House for the last time as a full-time employee. Next week, I move on to another adventure.

I have not made this decision easily or lightly, but at the call of an absolutely extraordinary opportunity, I have decided that this is the best choice to make for me and for my family.

As I leave, I realize that CPH has occupied a unique place in my life. Only four years ago, I was searching for a job and worried that I would not be able to adequately support my family. After my plans for a career fell through, CPH became a safe harbor, bringing me on to an amazing project that engaged both my personal and professional pursuits.

For this, I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to my managers, who hired one very rough-edged guy just out of grad school and gave me an opportunity to teach and engage a customer base in a new way of doing things—then made me a part of bringing a traditional publishing company into the future. I appreciate your support and guidance over the last four years.

Concordia has also provided room for me to grow, mature, and find and create new friendships with a team of colleagues both dedicated in spirit and extraordinary in talent. There are too many to mention here by name, but I want to especially thank my dear friends Bob and Peter for honest words, long lunches, and (when needed) mutual consolation as well as celebration.

To those whom I have served in various ways throughout the last four years, I thank you for the opportunity and hope that you will continue to be loyal and satisfied customers of Concordia Publishing House.

Leaving a vocation is never easy, nor is it comfortable. Today, I carry a measure of sadness at my departure mixed with a wonder and anticipation for the change in my life that is to come.

It’s going to be one strange drive home.

5 comments on “Providence

  1. God’s blessings to you on your new journey! Thank you for your role in serving the LCMS!

  2. Ryan, I am sad to see you go. You have been very helpful with my many seemingly random questions about the Builder. Thanks so much! Blessings on you and your family as you begin your new pursuit.

  3. Paul J Cain says:

    Peace be with you and your family!

  4. revmlk says:

    Blessings on your transition. Odd feelings have a tendency to overtake us at times such as these. Continue your focus on the one thing needful. Prayers ascend for you, Amanda and your children. Pax Christi…..

  5. Robert says:

    We are missing you already!

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