links for 2008-10-17

  • Discounting the fact that charging for additional content that's theoretically already in the hands of consumers is bad, the fact that they denied that this was going to happen in order to stage the announcement makes Namco Bandai much less trustworthy. It sure would be nice if more companies would take cues from Criterion Games and Burnout.
  • I've been using the 2.7 "hemmorhage" version for a while now, and the interface for WordPress has seen several reinventions just over the last few weeks while the team was nailing down the final look and feel of it. I have to say that after seeing its evolution, and now seeing more of the final product, what they have done to change the interface is very nice. Fewer clicks, more information at once, and a desire to re-think the entire game have lead to solid design decisions.
  • My excitement and anticipation for this—especially if it were to have online play—cannot be measured in numbers anything short of astronomical. It will look like trash on an HDTV, but I don't care.
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