It’s Only a Couple of Weeks Late, But Whatever.

I just recently collated the photos I took while in South Dakota into a flickr photoset for your viewing enjoyment, including some pictures of Wylie Park and its Storybook Land sculpture garden. There are some very interesting pictures in there; I hope you’ll take a look at it.

I’m still adding descriptions, and haven’t caught up yet, so there’s an incomplete story there, but I will eventually get around to posting something for a good number of the pictures. The park was semi-closed post Labor Day, so I was the only one there and managed to get quite a few shots of stuff that would have been more difficult had there been more people present. My timing was good.

There are also some pictures I took while making the drive from Aberdeen to Sioux Falls on Route 12 and Interstate 29, two of which have also been grayscaled and added to my wallpapers photoset.

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