Tee Ball Game

My parents came out for a surprise visit for one of Joshua’s last tee ball games, so we brought the camera along. He’s come a long way in terms of learning the game and how to do things just in the past two months.

Toy Story 3

Seeing Pixar movies at our drive-in has become a bit of a tradition for us.

Late Game

I’m really enjoying spending this time with Joshua in the evenings.

The Art of the Narrative

I just bought the most expensive iPhone application since I began using my iPod touch. $9.99 doesn’t sound like much, but for an iPhone application, that’s a premium.

Allow me to explain how this happened.

When I was a kid, once or twice—or perhaps if I was lucky, three times—per year, my dad would round everyone up in the car and we’d go for a little drive. Sometimes, he’d even invite his old college buddies (who were basically like family to me) to come along. The drive wasn’t always the same route, and we didn’t always need to take the drive at the same time, but the destination was always Michigan and Trumbull.

Tiger Stadium.

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