The Grantland Quarterly


Received my copy today. A beautifully-designed book (inside and out) from the greatest sports website in existence.

One Fly Shark

If you are on the fence about playing Saints Row: The Third, allow me to present this screen capture of a wall-mounted shark with a gold chain and pimp hat:

Oh, and did I mention that this shark is on the wall of the apartment owned by a post-tracheotomy pimp who has a voice box that is a golden microphone and speaks only in auto-tune?


If you are OK with juvenile and ridiculously offensive humor this is the game for you.

First Snow


Handed-Down Books


My mom heard I was endeavoring to learn French and gave me some of her old texts for Christmas.

Tomato Bacon Cups


Basically a bacon, green onion, tomato, and cheese mini-muffin.