Notes for "Future 15 — Convergence – Ten Things"

This is a series of 15-minute talks. Three talks, then a 30 minute break, then three more talks. Separate notes for each talk. Lots of people in here; people sitting in the aisles and standing in the back.

Ten Cool Things That Can Happen in Convergence This Year – Or Not

  • Social becomes the thread
    • The place where we get everything delivered and filtered (what most people think of when they think of Facebook)
    • Facebook is just the beginning (100MM people using the Facebook mobile, now on Xbox, DSi, Internet-enabled TVs, etc.)
  • Location matters
    • Gowalla/Foursquare
    • Our current location becomes part of our interactions – where we are and what we are doing
  • Entertain me now
    • Cloud-based entertainment repositories
    • Any platform, any time
    • Streaming, satellite radio, Slingbox, etc.
  • Birth of the frontchannel
    • Interaction while watching something – social interaction
    • MLB application for iPad
    • More rich experiences around live events
  • Commerce atomizing
    • Commerce experiences no matter where or what we are doing
    • Raves and reviews about products everywhere
    • Clothing modeled on a picture of you in real-time
    • Socially-enabled coupons that are trackable amongst friends and give rewards to the hand-out-er
    • Commerce apps in Facebook and iPhone apps – things like image recognition for book titles in the B&N application – every store becomes a B&N store
  • Life is a game
    • Game theory and mechanics are now integrated into more and more of our physical activities
    • Facebook friends and competition on numbers – Twitter followers
    • Miles run on Nike+
    • Badges/mayorships on Foursquare and pins on Gowalla
    • Loyalty programs
  • Interactive products
    • Increasing conditioning on having interactive interaction with physical things
    • Augmented reality
    • Barcode scanning things
    • QR codes
  • Your reality will be augmented
    • Not quite the holodeck, but more immersion into heads-up display things
    • From jet fighter HUDs to the first-down marker when watching TV
    • Fashionista
    • Lego – hold out box to kiosk and watch it be built on TV right there in-store
    • Project Natal
    • Bing AR maps – TED talk
  • Digital is the new paper
    • Tablet computers will usher in a new era of publishing
    • More interactivity and web-enabling
    • Digital publications changing how we interact with content – print-level design to things that are interactive and have things like video and social interactions
    • Connected advertising – buy things right from the ads
  • Rise of the connected things
    • Have we converged? When my bathroom scale will tweet my weight, we’re converged (this actually does exist).
    • Nike+, Sync, Poken

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